Merry Christmas everyone,
from our family to yours!


We pray for the best, that’s you! And do our best to try to teach all the rest just how wonderful Jesus is and how much we have to be thankful for our Great USA, and yes, we are still a Christian nation, and still, that shining city on the hill that the world is longing to be like, foibles and all. And we still have to wage spiritual warfare to keep our God-given freedoms, daily.


The Lord gave us this nation as a great gift.

The video below is very encouraging.

 Put prayer and the pledge of allegiance back in school.

The USA is under severe attack and has been since before our founders settled here. Thank God for this administration, though imperfect, it is light-years ahead of the pure stupidity and outright lies that come from the opposition. What’s different now, is that the enemy is surely but slowly being exposed, and that is very good! Remember, it is our duty to avoid evil while exposing it. This can be tricky. The enemy is wicked, deceitful and full of lies. Some who we’ve trusted have unlawfully hacked all our sites (ShareTheLord is new) corrupted the backups and effectively took down all our many years of content from PBN (PushBackNow) and other sites while getting us banned off social media, and much more.


The enemy has not won the war, and never will.


As a reminder, I’ve put two retro videos as a place holder, from where we’ve come, and how we are getting back to normal, as we move through 2020, into the re-election of Donald Trump and successive disruptive presidents who will bring back sanity, normalcy, dignity, faith, and prosperity to the USA again. 


Don’t let your guard down, pray, engage everyone everywhere, this is our nation and we will keep her free if we do what is right. Remember,God chose the weak to shame the strong, God chose the foolish to shame the wise. You are stronger than you think.


God bless you, and yours, our Great USA

our President his family, our leaders, and allies,

and all that is good and with us as a free nation.


Love you, God bless you all.

David A. Orts and family.

Husband, Father, and Friend.


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Friday, December 25, 2020