Praise the Lord:
Passover, Good Friday, Easter Sunday
and always.

David A. Orts

Our Lives


What an interesting time in our lives this is, certainly something to deeply ponder huh? Have you thought about the fact that during this Passover and Easter the world is being sequestered in their homes for safety and security sake, so we're safe from harm, or death.

This is Biblical. Not just in proportions but what is happening right now on this little blue beauty called earth. Since the beginning of 2020 this pandemic and the shutting of our nations down is breaking records, breaking records, since records have been being kept. Should we really be dwelling on this though? There are many things of much greater import, in my opinion. This is big but not even close to the biggest decisions.

Personally I think this should be giving us all hope on some very different points of reference about how beautiful and fragile our lives are, and how our Beloved USA is experiencing restricted liberties for her people that we have never experienced before. The United States has it very, very good, comparatively, in most ways compared to other nations, if you dig a bit you can "see" what's going on around the world. It's not pretty.

As I write this, each and every nation around the globe are being attacked by this so called Corona-19 virus, my wife Michelle and I call it the Fallen Angel virus, and for a very good reason. The reasons with which we plan to share (Lord willing) on the WWB and PBN channels as soon as possible (, these sites are not currently on-line.


God's Plan


I'd like to get to my point of what in my opinion we should be thinking about, talking about and praying to God about. Your relationship with Jesus, and the wonderful gift of the comforting Holy Spirit, which by the way, is where common sense comes from.

Do you know Him? Do you talk to and sing for the Lord? do you praise the Name of the Lord? Are you grateful and thankful in all things? Are you especially grateful in the knowing that your soul and life are secure in Him during this Global Pandemic and in all of the things in life situations, big and small?

We are all born once, and all have the opportunity to be Born Again and with a promise of eternal life, and the "Fruit of the Spirit which is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control; against which there is no law" Gal 5:22-23. Sweet!



The Lord's Purpose



Hallelujah, we have a purpose!!

In addition to knowing your purpose, yes from Lord and that we are co-equal believers in Him with each other, yes, all parts of the same body, regardless of anything about you. When you are a believer and trust Jesus fully, your so called status or station in life, in any form regardless if what wherewithal anyone might have regarding anything at all. You are a Child of God, forever.

Ephesians 2:10 is very clear. "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." please, Embrace that scripture and the knowledge of it and God's GREAT love for you right now. If you are a Believer, there is nothing wrong with re-commitment, we all fall short, and if you are not, I urge you to ask God into your hearts. Grab your bible, sing praises to the Lord and pray. Why not do it right now, God is never to busy to spend time with you.
If you would like to call for prayer, please feel free (800) 959-2794

Coming Soon
"The Powerful Peace of
Calling on
the Names of the Lord
Jehovah Rapha: "I am the Lord who heals you" - Exodus 15:26
Scripture References:
Anxiety - John 14:27
Emotions - Psalm 147:3
Mental Issues - Jonah 2:5-7
Physical Sickness - Psalm 41:3
Spiritual - Psalm 23:3

P.S. If you don't yet know, all of our social media accounts have been taken down, and
50+ of our websites have been hacked and totally destroyed by those who disagree with us.
Why? Some people just hate the truth
. —David A. Orts

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